Michael D. Syphoe

Candidate for Chairman, Newton County Board of Commissioners

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Critical Issues

Prosperity in the 21st Century will be based on creating and maintaining a sustainable standard of living and a high quality of life for all citizens of Newton County. To meet this challenge, a comprehensive economic development strategy will be designed to pursue new enterprises, encourage business expansions and stabilize start-up businesses.
The challenges facing Newton County are not the result of system failure. We need an interactve process designed to encourage integrated solutions.
The Newton County Landfill is a sensitive issue. We need to develop long-term strategies and make investments in sustainable solid waste programs.
Water and sewer capacity in Newton County is a big deal. In order to aggressively pursue economic development opportunities, we need a thorough accessment of our resources.
The county employees deserve competitive wages and benefits. A new performance system will result in employee retention and improved morale.
The Newton County School District currently ranks 107th out of the 179 school districts in Georgia. Science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) focused programming must be a priority.

A Grassroots Movement

Our campaign is a grassroots movement that developed organically and has grown due to the pressing issues that the citizens of Newton County, Georgia, want changed or enhanced. This movement is infectious and is quickly spreading to the surrounding neighborhoods. Before you know it, the movement will spread throughout the entire county.

The campaign is not financed by special interest groups looking to profit from the landfill, water reservoirs, solid waste disposable and other development projects. We are seeking a cultural change that will greatly improve the quality of life for all citizens of Newton County.

As Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners, I will level the playing field and help the citizens of the county thoroughly understand the issues. I will educate, equip and empower the citizens to make informed decisions.

“We will win together.”


Of Our Citizens

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Cannot Read or Write!

Newton County — Covington, Mansfield, Newborn, Porterdale and Oxford – have many accomplishments to celebrate. But there are some facts about the county that I believe we must change immediately. Currently, 14% of Newton County residents are considered illiterate and 20% of our residents live in poverty. I could not believe one in seven people in the county do not have basic reading and writing skills, and we have a 15% high school dropout rate, compared to the national average of 7%. There are jobs available in Newton County, but 90% of Northeast Georgia employers say they struggle finding qualified employees to hire. Of those employers, 56% say it is due to a lack of education. We can change these facts over the next few years.

Campaign Platform

Economic Development

A comprehensive economic development strategy is needed to expand and grow the tax base of Newton County. Our economic development strategy will focus on three pivotal areas of growth; capitalizing on Newton County’s assets, encouraging entrepreneurialism and strengthening business partnerships.

I will work to create a collaborative atmosphere that is business, labor, and environmentally friendly. With the magnitude of potential in Newton County, I look forward to building a bright economic future.

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Sanitary/Solid Waste & Water Management

Sanitary/solid waste and the availability of water are very complex issues in Newton County. Our strategy will focus on sustainable conversion technologies, reclamation initiatives, and sound water management policies.

I will work to identify and promote “green” waste management best practices. These strategies will address waste reduction, recycling, and composting for all aspects of Newton County’s sanitary/solid waste operations.

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Citizen Participation

Citizen participation can be a powerful and transformative force for political and socioeconomic development. I will utilize digital technology to strengthen the citizen’s voice and create a new space for political activism and accountability.

By encouraging awareness and activism through digital technology, I will encourage the development of policies designed to promote good governance.

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Competitive Wages

I recognize the value and importance of public employees at all levels to our economic and social well-being. I will work to develop a series of competitive wage and training programs to enhance employee performance.

The maintenance of good government services requires competitive wages.

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Why Elect Michael D. Syphoe?


"It would be a blessing and honor to serve as Chairman, Board of Commissioners."

Newton County is a great place to live, work and play. With over 20 years of experience in community and economic development, I can definitely make a difference and add some value. I have successfully developed sustainable economic development strategies for developers, municipalities and investors throughout the southeast. It’s time to help facilitate change at home.

I graduated from Newton County High School in 1973. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Kentucky State University in Political Science & Economics in 1977 and a Master of City Planning Degree from Georgia Tech in 1980.

With an excellent track record in structuring public/private partnerships, developing creative project financing strategies and building consensus, I felt compelled to run for Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners.

I believe there is no one really standing up for the citizens of Newton County.


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    Louise Adams said:

    "T.K. and I have known Michael for most of his life. He is dedicated, energetic and passionate about improving the quality of life in Newton County."

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    Fred Johnson said:

    "Michael is focused on the issues. He is up to the challenge. He will deliver for the citizens."

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    Flemmie Pitts said:

    "For quite some time, I felt that Michael had the experience and knowledge to change the political culture in Newton County. His leadership skills are genuine and he is results oriented."

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    Dr. Melvin Baker said:

    "I’ve worked with Michael on several projects including personal investments, real estate deals and civic projects. He has the energy, enthusiasm and experience to lead this county. "

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    Rev. Harold Cobb said:

    "I always felt that Syphoe could add some value in Newton County. Given some time, I truly believe his leadership skills and experience will shape the future of this county."

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    Bea Jackson said:

    "I currently working with Mr. Syphoe on the expansion of the Washington Street Community Center. His vision and hard work resulted in a great asset for the children of Newton County."

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, April 2, 2016, 4:00-8:00 pm
    Campaign Headquarters | 4115 Tate St., Covington, GA 30014
    Meet Michael D. Syphoe

    Come out to one of many meet and greet with me as I listen to the issues from the citizens of Newton County.

  • April 26, 2016, All Day
    State of Georgia
    Voter Registration Deadline - Primary

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